Shopping Trip – 10/24/11

by SuzyQ on October 25, 2011

OK, this was a crazy day.  I decided to get all my shopping done in one day, which translated to trips to 7 stores in 4 hours of shopping, including one return home to put some stuff in the freezer, and the use of 20 reusable shopping bags!  Phew!!!  This trip does include my weekly trip to Winco to buy the food I need for the week, including fresh produce, meat, and milk (you know, those pesky non-coupon items).  Since Winco is 30% cheaper than Vons and Save Mart, I don’t feel too bad if I don’t have a lot of coupons there. 

This is not a usual trip – I was really stocking up on some pantry items to last us a couple months, but I was also buying the fresh stuff for my planned meals for the week.  At Winco, $44 of what I bought was produce, milk, and meat – things we have to have, but there are usually no coupons for.  Still, I came home with almost $500 worth of stuff, and I spent my whole grocery/household budget for this half of the month.  So it’s now official – I can feed and stock up for a family of 4 for $400-$500/month!!

To see a breakdown of what I purchased and the coupons I used at each store, click here!

Here is a recap from each store:

Rite Aid
Total Spent: $22.68
Total Saved: 65.02 (74.14%)

Total Spent: $43.17
Total Saved: $84.03 (66.06%)

Total Spent: $4.14
Total Saved: $30.48 (88.04%)

Total Spent: $9.49
Total Saved: $12.47 (56.79%)

Save Mart
Total Spent: $31.35
Total Saved: $56.31 (64.24%)
**Most of this will be reimbursed by HC”s work**

Total Spent: $31.00
Total Saved: $40.25 (56.49%)

Total Spent: $63.54
Total Saved: $4.00 (5.92%)

TOTAL TRIP – $497.93 worth of products for $205.37, a total of 58.81% savings!!!


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