CVS & Rite Aid Shopping Trips 7/29/13

by SuzyQ on July 29, 2013


I needed to use some ExtraBucks at CVS before tomorrow, so I thought I would see what I could pick up this week.  You might look at my total and say, “But you spent a lot of money.”  Let me explain.  First, take a look at the total percentage that I saved – 63%.  That’s a lot of savings, and it’s about what I shoot for when I shop, especially at the drug stores.  That percentage would have even been higher, but I wasn’t able to get some of the deals (Herbal Essences at CVS and Old Spice at Rite Aid).  But that’s OK with me, too.

I bought some expensive items today – Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, for example.  We rarely have coupons for those, but it’s the brand I like to use and makes my hair happy, so when it’s on sale and there are rewards with it, then I buy it (usually 4 bottles at a time to last a couple of months).  I also bought Secret Clinical – it’s normally $10 each.  I’ve been wanting to try it, so with the deal today, my price ends up being roughly $3.50 each.  Guess what?  That’s 65% off.

I bought some items today just to get the rewards back.  The Starbuck’s iced coffee is $1.50 and you get $1.50 in rewards back (limit 1).  The scope is the small bottle, but it’s what my son uses, so I try to get a good deal on it.  This week, when you buy the small bottle for $2.99, you get $2.99 in rewards back (limit 2).  When I’m looking for deals, I try to find a couple of these so I’m replacing any rewards that I’m using to lower my out of pocket cost.

So why is this still a successful shopping trip, even though I spent almost $60?  Because I saved over 60% and it didn’t take me hours to plan my trip.  In total, I was in each store about 15-20 minutes, including checkout and chatting with the cashier.  I made a plan using the shopping lists on my site.  I clipped the coupons right before I went to the store (see coupon organization for more information about the whole insert method).  I got the deals I wanted (mostly) and added to my small stockpile (enough to last 3-4 months).  It’s not about getting every single deal that comes up every week.  It’s about buying things we use in small quantities and replenishing when the sale comes up again.  It’s also about being a respectful shopper and leaving product for other people to get the deals, too.  It’s also about acknowledging that there is more to life than shopping, so I’m going to go do that now that my shopping is done!

CVS Trip

Skippy Peanut Butter (x4)    $2.50 each

Use two $0.75/2 Skippy peanut butter product 15 oz or larger SS7/28 exp 8/31/13 (LA Times/SF Chronicle)
Spend $10, Get $3 ExtraBucks

Tresemme shampoo and conditioner (x4)     $3.50 each

Spend $14, Get $4 ExtraBucks

Sunkist Orange     $0.99

Use $0.30/1 coupon from red machine

Disney vitamins (x2)     $15.29

Use one $2/1 coupon from red machine
And use two $1/1 Disney or Marvel gummy vitamin RP6/16 exp 7/31/13 (LA Times/SF Chronicle)

Basic water (x2)     $2.22 each

Starbucks Iced Coffee     $1.50

Buy 1, Get $1.50 ExtraBucks


Used $15 ExtraBucks and $3 ExtraBucks email coupon
Total OOP = $25.31
Savings: $62.04 (71%)
Received $8.50 ExtraBucks


Rite Aid Trip

Venus Embrace (x2)     $8.99 each

Use two $5/1 Venus razor RP6/16 exp 7/31 (Fresno Bee, LA Times, SF Chronicle)
Buy 1, Get $2 +UP Rewards

Irish Spring body wash     $3.49

Use one $2/1 in-ad store coupon (limit 1)
Use one $0.50/1 Irish Spring body wash RP7/28 exp 8/17/13 (LA Times, SF Chronicle)

Secret Clinical (x2)     $7.99 each

Use $5/2 Secret Clinical PG7/7 exp 7/31/13 (all papers)
Buy 1, Get $2 +UP Rewards

Scope 250 mL (x2)     $2.99

Buy 1, Get $2.99 +UP Rewards

Frosted Mini Wheats (x2)     $2.50

Use one $1/2 Kellogg’s cereal coupon (from a product package – NLA)
Buy 2, Get $1 +UP Rewards


OOP = $33.07
Savings = $39.28 (54%)
Received $14.98 +UP Rewards


Total Trip

OOP = $58.38
Savings = $101.32 (63%)
$8.50 and $14.98 in rewards for next trip




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