Shopping Trip 2/19

by SuzyQ on February 19, 2012

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a shopping trip – I haven’t done a lot of drug store shopping the past couple weeks.  The great thing about stocking up is that you don’t have to shop every week, and you become a lot pickier about the prices you’ll pay for products.  For example. I have a lot of toothpaste – somewhere in the range of 10 tubes – so I don’t need to buy toothpaste.  But if I can get it free, I’ll buy it!  Today, I got 4 tubes free (only paid tax).  Since I don’t need them, they’ll go into my donation bag that I’ll take to the Rescue Mission or the Majorie Mason Center.  Another perk of couponing – helping others!

So here is the recap from my trip to Walgreen’s and Rite Aid today:

Rite Aid (2 transactions)
Spent $1.51
Saved $34.00 (95.8% savings) and $11 +UP Rewards remaining & $50 done toward Winter Rewards $100 to get $20 +UP

Walgreen’s (1 transaction)
Spent $17.31
Saved $73.82 (81% savings) and $5 Register Rewards remaining

Spent $18.82
Saved $107.82 (88.4% savings) and $16 in rewards remaining, so it’s like I only spent $2.82!!

To see a complete breakdown of what I bought and how I saved, click here!  You can also view other trips I’ve posted by clicking here.



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