Shopping Trips 1/18/12 & 1/20/12

by SuzyQ on January 20, 2012

I finally got to CVS and Rite Aid on Wednesday – I saved a total of 71% between both stores!  My camera screen is busted – sorry for the blurry shot!  Yes, I got a lot of Werther’s (about $1 each).  This is my fix, since I have a chocolate allergy.  I was excited for my Rite Aid deals –

Spent $26.74
Saved $65.65 (71.06% savings)

Rite Aid
Spent $8.22
Saved $47.87 (85.34% savings)

Today I got to Vons and Save Mart.  I picked up Heritage Organic Milk at Save Mart for $3.39 (usually $3.54 at Winco) and used the $0.55/1 coupon available for “Real California” products = $2.84 for organic milk!!  Lots of good store and manufacturer coupon matchups at Vons this week!









Save Mart
Spent $12.25
Saved $7.06 (36.56% savings)

Spent $46.97
Saved $99.49 (67.93% savings)

Spent $94.18
Saved $220.07 (65.22% savings)



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