Price Comparison – Winco & Vons 9/9

by SuzyQ on September 10, 2011

If you don’t think that Winco is worth your time, how about saving more than 30% over Vons without coupons (and in some cases, comparing Vons Club prices with Winco’s regular price)?

I’ve compiled a price comparison for my shopping trip yesterday:

Winco Vons Comparison 090911

Keep in mind that this is a stock-up trip: what I can’t get at Vons, Save Mart, or another store for super rock bottom price, I will get at Winco for less (in most cases – the Powerades were on sale at Vons for $0.59 this week, but $0.78 each is still a good price, so I bought 20).  Also, I also bought the significant other a supply of food for when he’s working out of town.  His food is reimbursed by his company, so $62.18 of the total will come back to us.


Winco prices are from the Clovis, CA store.  Vons prices were obtained from  Where the same item is not carried by both stores, a comparable item was used to make the comparison. 

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