P&G Brandsaver Coupons – Reminder!

by SuzyQ on October 30, 2011

If you hadn’t taken a look at the coupon matchups yet, I’ll warn you that some of the lists of coupons you could use for some items have  A LOT of coupons listed (like Tide, for example).  The reason for this is because we received 3 P&G Coupon Inserts this month, and the inserts from October 2 are expiring in 2 days! 

If you got those inserts, I would recommend using up those coupons in the next 2 days and saving the ones from October 16 and October 30 for other sales in November! 

Yes, this means you would have to shop today and tomorrow, but you’re awesome shoppers, so I know you can do it!

And, if you just can’t use up your P&G Coupons by the expiration date, please send them to me for our miltary families overseas.  They can use expired coupons 6 months past the expiration date.  If you would like to send them yourself, visit www.ocpnet.org and follow all their instructions!



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