Coupon Insert Lists

Trying to remember what coupon was in what insert can be a big task, but you can check here to see what coupons were received in the Fresno Bee, Los Angeles Times, and San Diego Union-Tribune.  (If anyone is interested in volunteering to create lists for the Fresno Bee or San Francisco Chronicle for Fresno readers, please email me at

If you use the “no clipping” method of organization, you can print the lists below and attach them to your inserts.  Click on the date next to the paper you want to open a printable list.

I’ll also occasionally include coupons lists for other inserts that I receive from other areas!

A full data base of Fresno Bee coupons is also updated when I receive the coupons (which could be up to a few weeks later).  To see the lists sorted by expiration date, use the EXP files below.

Full List Fresno Bee – updated September 13 (through August 23) – sorted ABC or by EXP
Full list All Newspapers –  updated September 25 – sorted ABC or by EXP











Coupon Insert Archive 2012

Coupon Insert Archive 2013

Coupon Insert Archive 2014